Defend your life from work

When your personal events don’t show up on your work calendar, your work-life balance suffers.

Reclaim LifeWork prevents expensive schedule negotiations and overbookings by keeping your calendars in sync.

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What can LifeWork do for me?


Defend calendars privately

Reclaim LifeWork syncs personal events to your work calendar and keeps them up-to-date as things change. Multiple privacy settings let you decide how you want these events to show to your coworkers.


Travel time? No problem.

With an upgrade to Reclaim Assitant, we'll automatically add adjustable travel time blocks to events where a location is present. Any time your personal events are rescheduled, the travel time will move with them.


Auto-block your time

Ever run out of time to eat lunch or catch up on your email? Not anymore. When you upgrade to Reclaim Assistant, we'll auto-block time on your calendar every day to make sure you never get snowed under.


Stay updated, anywhere

Reclaim’s Slack integration gives you mission control for your calendar. Get notified when events change, RSVP to events, defend your calendar, get analytics and more — all via Slack. Learn more.

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