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You’ve got enough on your plate without having to fight with your schedule. Reclaim is here to give you a helping hand.

Keep your calendars in sync, block flexible time for anything you want, and get your work-life balance back.

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What can Reclaim do for you?


A smart friend for your calendar

Reclaim intelligently finds and defends time on your calendar for anything you want. Just say what you need, give some rough ideas of when you want to get it done, and Reclaim takes care of the rest.


Get time for your daily habits

Reclaim makes time on your calendar for the things you want to do regularly. Want to always make sure you take a walk every Friday afternoon, get time to catch-up on email, or eat lunch? Just ask for it.


Crush your to-do list

You can groom your backlog as much as you like, but if it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening. Reclaim makes time for you to get tasks done and alerts you if you’re running up against your deadlines.


Defend your work-life balance

Ever end up getting overbooked by your colleagues because you forgot to block time for an event from another calendar? Reclaim syncs your calendars and defends personal events on your work schedule to ensure that never happens again.


Keep your schedule flexible

Your agenda isn’t static, so why should your calendaring tools be? Reclaim adds smart blocks to your calendar that only get marked as busy when you start running out of time. And yes: they'll reschedule automatically if you get interrupted or if your schedule changes.


Works where you already do

Reclaim works seamlessly with tools like Google Calendar, Slack, and Calendly. Rather than learning a whole new calendar interface or trying to get your colleagues to use yet another new solution, Reclaim acts like an engine for making your existing tools more efficient.


Your calendar: one Slack away

You can tell Reclaim things that you need directly from Slack. Want to create another task, get more time, or kick it down the road for a few more days? It’s as easy as talking to your assistant.


Keep your calendar organized

Reclaim automatically color-codes your entire calendar by intelligently detecting different event types on your calendar, making it super easy to see how your time is divided at a glance.

How does it work?


1. Tell Reclaim what you need

Connect your work and personal calendars to Reclaim and tell it what you want to make time for. All you need to do is express your needs, identify some time ranges where you’d like to get it done, and Reclaim takes care of the rest.


2. Reclaim defends your time

Reclaim analyzes your calendar in real time and creates flexible, dynamic blocks on your schedule for you to accomplish your goals. When you reprioritize your goals, Reclaim rethinks your entire schedule for you — just like a great assistant would.


3. Make changes on the fly

Your schedule changes all the time. Reclaim has your back, shifting events around as things change. Want to add a new task or rethink your workweek? With Reclaim, you can do it in a fraction of the time it takes today.


4. Stay on track

Reclaim notifies you to ensure you’re staying aligned with your priorities. When you get off-track, we’ll let you know and give you quick recommendations for how to refocus yourself.

Used and loved by employees at


“Reclaim takes a ton of methods I’ve been using at work for years -- blocking time for tasks, mapping my calendar to my priorities, and safeguarding time for personal events -- and makes them 10x easier to implement. It’s like they read my mind and built a product out of it.”

- Jade Rubick, VP of Engineering, Gremlin

“Reclaim keeps my calendar aligned with my priorities, plain and simple. It’s a whole new way to visualize my schedule and understand where my time is going every week.”

- James Ferguson, Head of Design, Atlassian

"I’ve introduced Reclaim to the entire Packet team and now they spend less time tinkering with their calendars and are able to focus more, prioritize what really matters and carve out time for their own mental and personal health.”

- Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix and Founder of Packet

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

We take your privacy and calendar data security seriously. We know how sensitive this stuff is. We will never share or sell any of your data to third parties. We do not store any data from your personal calendar (we don’t need it) but we do store your work calendar data, as it allows us to give you analytics as well as make changes to your work calendar for blocking time. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and data is masked so that we can’t view sensitive details when we’re troubleshooting support issues. Finally, we believe strongly in JIT permissions: that is, we only ask for your permissions as we need them throughout the onboarding process. If you don’t want a feature that needs a certain permission, we won’t ask for it until you turn it on.

We get it! Reclaim only adds blocks to your calendar, it doesn’t reschedule or modify any existing meetings. We won’t decline stuff or make changes to any existing events that weren’t created by us. We’ve heard too many horror stories about “intelligent calendar assistants” that end up embarrassing you by moving or declining a meeting with your boss, and we don’t have any code that does anything close to that. All the blocks and changes we make to your calendar are fully reversible. If you turn on a feature and then decide you don’t want the time blocks on your calendar anymore, simply turn it off and we’ll remove all of them from your calendar automatically.

Yep. We believe that you shouldn’t have to contact a support person or argue with us to get your account deleted. If you decide you no longer want to use Reclaim, there’s a delete button in the UI. We’ll delete all your data from our database. You’ll probably also get an email from us asking why you deleted your account, but that’s for us to understand how we could make your experience better.

Currently, Reclaim is built for work calendars hosted in Google Calendar. We’re actively working on support for work calendars hosted in Office 365. That being said, if you want to sync a non-Google calendar to your work calendar, we do support that.

We built Reclaim for any super busy professional who has a slammed calendar. We think that everyone in that position deserves a great assistant to help them defend and manage their time. Reclaim is used by thousands of engineers, product managers, marketers, designers, CEOs and founders.

Reclaim takes a pretty unique approach to blocking time on your calendar. It would be near-impossible for a human to replicate it without going nuts. The first big distinction is that Reclaim creates flexible time blocks on your calendar: when Reclaim puts events on your calendar, they are initially marked as Free until your day starts to fill up, then they move to Busy. This means you stay available until you’re truly not anymore. The second is that Reclaim automatically reschedules events as interruptions occur — rather than you having to move them yourself. Finally, Reclaim preserves your privacy by letting you decide how much context you’d like your coworkers to see. 

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